The bridesmaids are a very important part of a wedding ceremony

Bridemaids Revisited

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two bridesmaids in black

Photographs of the bride…and groom are of the upmost importance on their wedding day. But whenever the opportunity arises to capture the friends and family who make the day run as smoothly as possible, it should be taken. The bridesmaids, flower girls, maid of honour, best man and groomsmen are all close to the couple so any photographs of them will be cherished.

The wedding preparation is a good place to start. Be there in good time as a wedding photographer and you’ll have the opportunity to capture the bridal members of the aforementioned. Two to three hours of photography before the wedding ceremony grants plenty of opportunity to focus on not only the bride but other members, from the girls.

Our usual format would then be to make our way to the ceremonial location thirty minutes before the wedding ceremony to photograph the groom and the grooms party along with the arrival of the guests. With portable lighting we can capture the anticipation and the build up to the arrival of the bride and her entourage.

After the ceremony and the congratulations, we begin with the group photographs. With pre-planning, to get the best location and the best light, the group photographs can produce creative results. Three times within the day to maximize the amount of photographs of the closest friends and family to the couple. Opportunities which should not be missed by your wedding photographer.

The bridesmaids are an integral part of the bride’s team and much effort and expense is put into the make up, hair, clothing and shoes. Getting good captures of all of this will appreciated not only by the bride but also the person appearing in the photograph. Click on the link below to see part of the wedding preparation photography and the results of spending a couple of hours with the bridesmaids and bride.

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