Casa Planas co-working studio in Palma de Mallorca

Casa Planas Co-Working

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Casa Planas co-working studio

Co-Working Concept

New to Palma de Mallorca, Casa Planas is the first co-working space in the city. We are very pleased to be a part of this community of creatives.

A concept born from the great cities of London and Berlin the co-working concept is spreading. From the year of 2006 the number of seats in co-working spaces has roughly doubled each year. The co-working space usually appeals to those professional who work from home. They are often independent contractors or people who travel frequently.

Casa Planas

The co-working area allows a professional space with other like-minded creatives. From here we can work on our editing and retouching services. Often the world of the freelancer can feel isolated but this environment has given a solution to those who want a less isolated work space. Our editing, printing and manipulation will take place here.

In addition to its own radio station ‘Sputnik’, there are fine art painters, printers, photographers, script writers, videographers and musicians. If you’re based on the island of Mallorca then click on the link below to find out more. We have benefited greatly by being part of this community.

Alongside the co-working areas the hub offers studios which you can hire by the hour or day. They are often booked for Pilates and yoga sessions, print workshops and photography tutorials. In addition, there are live music events which are hosted in the basement. Playing everything from reggae to electronic, it will cater for most music tastes.

Keep up-to-date with Casa Planas events on the usual social media channels. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter you will find all the information on their events. You can also subscribe to their newsletter by emailing them via the link supplied below. Now in it’s second year, the space is going from strength to strength. Congratulations to Xisco, Marina and Marito who own and manage the spaces which we all benefit from.

All our portfolio reviews are delivered from this space. It would be great to see you up here if you are looking for a photographer on the island.

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