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Catalogueing Fashion

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Catalogeing Winter Collections

The winter collections have arrived and we are busy catalogeing all the new designs which will be placed onto the online store for our customer who has a retail outlet but also has an online presence with their website. The store designs and manufacturers clothing in England but buys fabric from around the world. It is unusual as the manufacturing base can cut the fabric from a made to measure specification from the base design.

The clothing is catalogued by photographing the front, back and reverse with detailed photographs if appropriate. From these retouched and resized photographs, an audience from across the world are able to see the collection and then the merchandise can be shipped to the customer. A powerful way of selling for this small but talented team in the north of England.

Photographing both male and female models, the approach is very much the same as any other product shoot. The garments must be clearly seen, usually on a plain background, which does not detract from the product being displayed. Simple but effective lighting is used to best show the fabric, colour and fit.

Catalogueing products for websites is an integral part of what we photograph. Nearly every business realises that online presence is part of the success of any business. If you’re selling a product, then this must be displayed on a website to maximize your selling potential. Please drop us a line if we can help with your online representation. Either improving your visual image or catalogeing and displaying your products. To view some of our catalogeing shoots then click on the following link;

For a round up of some of our commercial shoots then head to our ‘Commercial’ section on this site by clicking on the following link. We have a selection of fashion, portrait, event and wedding photography which we feel will be of interest.

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