La Mola near Mahon on Menorca for our latest fashion location

La Mola photography shoot on Menorca

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La Mola Menorca

Our latest shoot on the island of Menorca was at Isabella II La Mola. It is on the small peninsula to the north of the entrance to the port. Started by the British during their occupation of the island in the 1700’s, it was taken and re-taken many times by the French and Spanish and English again. The island’s strategic position was advantageous in controlling naval and trade routes across the Mediterranean.

The fort which is now in ruins, had the right feel for our latest shoot for Inscrire Atelier who are based on the island of Menorca. They make a small collection of clothing but are best known for their hand-made shoes and jewellery. Since we based ourselves on the island we continue to shoot with the atelier. The photographs will be used for promotion to existing clients but also distributed to magazines for print.

Our shoot had two looks for the clothing, incorporating different shoes and boots with jewellery. It took around five hours and we used five different locations within the fort. We are looking for other fashion wholesalers and retailers across the Balearic Islands. If this is something you would be interested in then please email us as we would be interested in working with you.

The production is usually straight forward. We liaise with our clients in our pre production meetings. This ensures we find the correct model/s for the look and feel of your store and the merchandise. We can also do the location scouting. After the shoot we forward the photographs to you for approval. When the final selection has been approved by both parties, we then use our post production techniques to make sure the selection has the right feel. This will lead to the best results for your advertising campaign.


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