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Fiesta San Joan, Menorca

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Before we return to Mallorca we have arrived in Menorca to photograph the fiesta in the old Capital, Cuitadella. A photographers paradise, as not only are the ancient narrow streets photogenic but when you combine this with the beautiful horses which ride through them, rearing up on occasion, then all the elements are there for the makings of some good photography.

Everyone knows that the highlight of the calendar for Menorca is the start of fiesta season in Cuitadella. The fiesta San Joan is a popular event and many people travel over from the mainland to experience the festivities in the old capital.

The streets are lined with the horse riders before they mount and ride through the ancient streets in Cuitadella on Menorca. This fiesta is worth traveling over to from Mallorca especially for photographers. There is a story with every turn of the head. We have selected a few photographs from the day and uploaded them to our Portfolio section on the website for you to view.


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