Aerial photography around the small island of Menorca by twin propeller

Aerial view of the island of Menorca

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We returned to the Mediterranean island of Menorca, but this time our client at My Home Menorca had chartered a small plane so we could get a unique perspective of all the beaches on the south coast of the island. I cannot think of many more impressive and exciting things to aid in the capture of photographs than this piece of kit.

We are frequent flyers, often using small jet planes to carry us from island to island for our wedding commissions. However, we have never traveled in such a small plane before. It was far more exciting as you had a much closer connection with the outside environment. It was little more than a car body with wings on. Louder, more exposed and surrounded by glass, and ultimately far more visibility than just a small aeroplane window

We had a clear view of everything from s’Algar all the way over to Ciutadella with every equisite beach in-between. I would say that the beaches along the south coast of the most easterly Balearic island has some of the best across all the isalnds. Perhaps, only bettered by Formentera. Cala Macarelle and Cala Turqueta being two which really do stand out. Of course, you also have the best cove across the islands, Cala Galdana. Popular, touristy but still a joy to visit.

Although there was a much closer sense of vulnerability in this, it did feel far more exciting. These chartered flights around the island can be pricey but I would recommend it. It really was the highlight to many air journeys which we have had in the past and it provided many aerial photographs which have been uploaded to Alamy stock library..

With little interference between the lens and the outside environment, it was a near perfect vehicle for aerial photographs of a beautiful island. For a closer look at our extensive Commercial portfolio then please click on the following link;

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