Life and Limb fashion photography in London for shirting company

Life and Limb Fashion Shoot

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male model by tree

male model leaning on brick wall

male model by Tower Bridge

man leaning on Land Rover

man sat on bonnet of Land Rover

man leaning on the side of Land Rover

man on railing

male model by marina

Life and Limb

We were in central London last week to photograph the new collection from Worth Clothing, Life and Limb. Life and Limb are a shirting brand aimed at a young audience. The shoot was divided into two parts. The first part of the day was to catalogue the whole collection in the studio. Thirty one changes in quick succession on a colorama background roll with studio lighting. These product photographs are predominantly for sale online but also to supply the line’s retail customers with photographs of the collection.

The second part of the shoot was on location near Tower Bridge. The location was chosen for it’s strong architectural structures with a strong British identity. The demographic looking to buy into this collection, could identify with the locations and props. The clothing and model photographed within it would help in identifying them with the environment and the feel.

The clothing has been cut to have a fitted look. Appealing predominantly to the late teen and early twenties age range. You can see the whole collection by clicking on the link below;

For more of our fashion photography then please head to our fashion portfolio which you can view here;

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