English wedding near the Derbyshire Peak District

English Wedding

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English Wedding

This portfolio of nine photographs, from an English wedding, focuses mainly on the men. Rarely represented on wedding websites, we hope you enjoy this selection.

As a photographers, to get the strongest photographs, then forget long lenses and standing in the shadows. Sometimes it’s about a 50mm lens and immersing yourself in the action and atmosphere of a good celebration.

Over the summer of twenty seventeen we were commissioned to fly back to England from our base in Mallorca to photograph a wedding near the Peak District in Northern England.  Top of the priority list was the music, so this wedding had two bands playing throughout the day and they certainly played their part.

Guests were encouraged to camp over so it had a good festival atmosphere. Full of characters, this was a great opportunity to capture strong portrait photographs in addition to the wedding story. We decided to feature a different set of photographs here, which we hope will appeal, rather than the expected ones you’d see on a wedding website. Full portfolios can be viewed upon request. The wedding attire of this group of men were too good not to show.

Good wedding photographers have a good common sense approach to handling people. It is making the most of the opportunities and time you have to capture unusual photographs, in addition to the important ceremonial photographs and the ones expected from your commissioners.

To be a good social photographer you have to be good with people and they have to feel comfortable with you. This is something which cannot be taught but is intuitive. Our job from the very first meeting is to assure you that you and your guests will feel good with having us around on your wedding day.

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