Our event videography for ITC Malta twenty seventeen

ITC Malta

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ITC Malta

From the success of ITC Mallorca in twenty sixteen in supplying photography and video, we were asked again to supply the photography and videography for ITC Malta twenty seventeen. A networking event with a difference.

The brief was to capture the three day event on this small Mediterranean island. This year there were four sponsors instead of the usual two. It was key to capture all of the branding and advertising for these sponsors at the event. The sponsorship deals for future events come solely from the photography and videography captured from previous networking gatherings.

In addition to the sponsorship branding we needed to capture the atmosphere of a fun and useful networking event for the delegates of suppliers and buyers. Much of the business is usually done at city trade conventions. We had to promote this as something different. Networking in the sun, in a fun environment but with plenty of useful contacts being made.

Our event videography had all the latest equipment to help promote ITC in coming years. We had drone equipment to get some useful angles from the air and we also arranged additional equipment such as a RIB to get some great action footage on the water. All our video capture for event videography is the latest on the market to get everything you need to promote or capture your event or wedding.

Our editing team has also the experience to make everything look as good as it can possibly look, to deliver great results on time. We are now part of the ITC team and we very much look forward to capturing everything at ITC twenty eighteen.

For an overview of some of the photography, head over to our Commercial section of the website. This is networking with a difference and we are already looking forward to next year.