Premiere Vision fabric fair in twenty eighteen from Paris

Premiere Vision

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Premiere Vision

February took the Nomad team on their Bi-annual pilgrimage to Premier Vision. The Paris based global fashion event may sound like a leisure pursuit on paper. However, with hundreds of textiles suppliers there is so much to see and do. It’s a quest not for the faint hearted.  After a fair few visits we’ve learnt the live by The Five Ps – the golden rules of Premier Vision that we’d like to share with you as we take you through our journey for new spring/ summer fabrics.

  1. Preparation 

refreshing blast of Parisian winter air upon alighting from our early morning flight gives us a much-needed jolt of vitality.  Premier Vision is a test of physical stamina, navigational skills and mental endurance and we are well aware that we need to keep our wits about us 

The short metro ride from the airport takes up to the vast aircraft-hanger halls of the exhibition centre, which is already echoing with the rustle of fabric, the exchanging of business cards and gasps of delight and amazement at what’s on show.  

Without a strategy it is easy to get lost in the labyrinth of stalls and to lose all sense of direction. Armed with the trusty PV App as our compass and a list of suppliers we venture forth, trying our best to avoid the occasional static shocks caused by the torrent of stylish rubbersoled trainers across the carpeted floors. 

  1. Pragmatism 

The Hunt Begins.  The maze of stalls becomes a bustling bazaar, in which we must find it’s hidden wonders. Enticing displays on the horizon can draw our focus like a siren’s call, but for now we have a lot of ground to cover in such little time. We can’t afford to be lured in by temptations just yet. Decisiveness and strategy are key – flicking though sample after sample on the rails quickly cutting the wheat from the chaff. Only the cream of the crop will do for us. 

Once stuck in to the search the we see how the national characteristics can be reflected in the textiles. The efficiency and innovation of the Japanese, the charm of the Irish, the flamboyance of the Italians 

  1. Patience  

After making a good start the inevitable jet lag starts to fog over us. Disorientation and confusion set in. Which hall are we in now? Have we past that stall before? What’s my name again? To avoid becoming too overwhelmed we remind ourselves we have another day of exploration tomorrow, until then it’s time for a strong coffee and a sandwich that reminds us English how dismal our cuisine is compared to our European neighbours.  Another few ours of treasure hunting and it’s time to call it a day.  

  1. Perseverance 

The second and final day at Premiere Vision.  Our thumbs and index fingers already rubbed to the bone from touch-testing fabrics innumerable times. However, there is still more to explore. Lace is our next target, finding the delicacy of the French makers unmatchable. Then onto the leather hall, a jungle alive with exotic skins and vivid colours 

  1. Pride  

By the end of our trip the fatigue is overshadowed by a unique sense of satisfaction that comes when reflecting on how far we’ve travelled and the glorious bounty of fresh and exciting samples we’ve found. On the flight back, inspiration and enthusiasm bubbles up within us when we contemplate the potential of each fabric 

We decide that Premier Vision is less a labour of Hercules and more jaunt around wonderland after all. 

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