portraiture shoot in the centre of Palma de Mallorca, Bar Abaco

Portraiture in Bar Abaco

By John Britton Mallorca, People Comments Off on Portraiture in Bar Abaco

woman by table

Bar Abaco in Mallorca

along Carrer Montenegro in central Palma there is one bar in-particular which should grab your attention. If you’re a photographer then it is most definitely worth popping in to check the place out. A stage, set with all the props laid out for you. I’ve used this bar several times for photographing people. Approaching the owners and structuring a time and day without customers will allow you to use lights and really get the most from this most magical place.

Choosing your locations for any photographic projects are important. People are employed on film productions to do exactly this. Keeping your eyes open whilst wandering the streets of any city can reveal something which will give your photographs an exceptional feel. During our busy May month on Mallorca we will be returning to Bar Abaco for more photographic work so keep an eye on our Blog over the busy summer season.

Certainly if you’re on holiday then look at our link below to find out all you need to know about one of the hot spots to this great city on the island of Mallorca. Any shoot at Bar Abaco can look and feel like a Dutch 18th century painting. Candlelit throughout with rose petals scattered over the floor and tables and fruit draping from any available place.

For more from our creative portfolios, take a look at our section which compliments our wedding portfolios here on the website. If you would like to take advantage of your free and available time on holiday then contact us for an hour of photography. It will be money well spent. One to two hours from Britton Brothers can cost as little as two hundreds euros. Wwith prints supplied on beautiful hand crafted paper, the shoot and the results can be looked back on in years to come with fondness.



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