quality not quatity for your collection of wedding photographs

Quality not Quantity

By John Britton Mallorca, Wedding Comments Off on Quality not Quantity

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Most of your collection of photographs after your wedding will be a treasured reminder of a great day I’m sure. But take a look at what your photographer is committing to before you make the booking and pay particular attention to the amount of photographs you will be supplied. Quality in a smaller collection will be values far more than quantity. I would argue that a smaller amount of carefully executed photographs, along with a relevant edit and then the manipulation of that collection will bring you much more joy than a larger collection made of many photographs of much the same photographs you would see in any other collection of wedding photographs.

What you really need is originality. Once you have found someone who stands out, then assess the style to see whether they connect with you. I always imagined my wedding photographs as being something where I could print twenty or thirty incredible photographs, rather than one hundred or so of things you would see in every other wedding photography collection. Sure you want photographs of the details of your wedding but commission a photographer who will capture the bouquet, personalised to your wedding rather than get the standard shot of it on a wall or surreally placed somewhere which doesn’t make any connection to you or your day.

A different vision or perspective from a photographer is what you should aim to commission with your photographs. Many photographers will use the time spent with just the bride and groom well. Looking at the venue beforehand and preparing the environments to create a strong style, in addition to the more candid photographs. Taking inspiration from our fashion shoots, we aim to supply a small amount of photographs using studio lighting in the chosen wedding environment to give an editorial feel from a small amount of dedicated time. We believe that these photographs in-particular set photographers styles apart and should be given a dedicated time during the day to obtain a valued collection which will be cherished after the event.

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