Our new Sony A7RIII Camera for the forthcoming wedding season


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Sony camera

Our new camera has arrived for the start of twenty nineteen. Moving away from the usual brands of Canon and Nikon, the Sony A7RIII has a new range of capabilities which outstrip the Canon 5DIII which will be used as our back up camera.

Some of the main features of this new Sony A7RIII camera is the improved capability on high ISO ratings. Despite having plenty of daylight over the Balearic Islands during the summer season, wedding photographers are working long into the night. As the daylight disappears, you need artificial light which can often be cumbersome and precarious to use when dealing with lots of drunken guests having a great time. This new Sony camera has high ISO ratings which can be used as a photographer loses the daylight. The Canon and Nikon cameras also have high ISO ratings but at the higher end of the scale they become unusable with definition being lost and images becoming very grainy. The high usable ISO rating make this camera a great part of anyone’s kit bag. This feature alone makes this new camera, well worth the purchase.

The second advantage to this beautiful body is the resolution. If you are in need of powerful resolution then this body delivers over 42 megapixels on it’s CMOS sensor. It is unlikely that you will need a body with so much punch for weddings. As we work in other fields of photography throughout the year, this sensor will deliver powerful resolution for any printed magazine or Adshel spaces for commercial projects which we shoot throughout the year. If however you need any of your wedding photographs printing to the size of a wall then this is the camera to deliver those.

The other big advantage to this body is the dual card reader slot. This ensures that all photographs are written to two cards which will minimize any card corruption issues. This would be disastrous for wedding commissions and any other work which is impossible to re-shoot. This added insurance will safeguard any potential issues with cards. Thankfully this has never happened but there is always that small chance that your card could could be corrupted or unreadable after the shoot.

There are other improvements with colour rendition and mechanical improvements which will serve us well, and ultimately you as a customer, on your wedding day. With the Canon 5DIII now being our second and backup camera, we have all we need to ensure your wedding day is captured on the very latest and best cameras on the market.

For any face to face meetings you require for your wedding day then please write to us to discuss our approach, equipment, fees or anything else which you need to know before making any decisions on your wedding photographer.

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