formal photographs at weddings need not be a troublesome affair

The Formal Photographs at Weddings

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The Formal Photographs

The formal photographs at weddings need not be a troubling time. When I first started out photographing weddings, I let the customers dictate how this part of the day should be structured. On some days it turned into a disaster with the bride and groom getting upset, tired or bored. This is a time when your wedding photographer needs to advise, through his or her experience of shooting other weddings, how long to dedicate to this part of the day.

I would encourage any couple to have formal photographs. They are inclusive and give structured things to a day which otherwise can be less eventful. One large group photograph includes everyone. Once the largest photograph has been captured, the photographer can work back to the smallest photographs from there. Typically the couple and some more romantic photographs.

Preparation is key. The photographer should have scoped the area prior the wedding. Either by turning up early on the day or before the wedding day. Your photographer should know not only the best location/s but should also have assesses the daylight, time of day and whether or not artificial light should be used.

We enjoy using as many strong locations as possible so the collection of group photographs are different for the couple. Sometimes this is not possible and there may only be one or a couple of usable locations. We try and use a tiered effect and avoid at all costs, a line up. The photographs should be varied in poses and people should look relaxed.

Before the wedding day we will always print a couple of copies of the list. The list should contain the names of the people in each photograph. One copy is then given to someone in the wedding party who ideally knows many of the key people in both families. As I am executing one set then the next ones can be gathered together. This speeds things up for the couple. Six or seven formal photographs can easily be achieved without too much distress.

In addition to this part of the day, we also grab informal group photographs throughout the day and evening. We have some very memorable ones and we would be very happy to show you them upon request.

Please look at our portfolio section by clicking the link, to view examples of this part of the wedding portfolio. You’ll be glad to have these as part of your collection;

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