A performance by The Royal Ballet for The Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky

The Nutcracker

By John Britton Advertising, Commercial, Mallorca Comments Off on The Nutcracker

ballet dancers

One beautifully orchestrated performance in Central London for The Nutcracker by The Royal Ballet at the Royal Opera House.

At the festive time of the year as twenty eighteen draws to a close, we had the very privileged experience of getting behind the theatre curtain for a tour of the Royal Opera House before the performance of The Nutcracker by the Royal Ballet Company. A favourite ballet to see near Christmas by the genius of Tchaikovsky..

With the exception of a few local backstage theatres I saw as a child, of much smaller local theatres, this was a unique experience of a world class theatre. Nothing could really prepare me for the vastness of the backstage operation. Not only in physical size, but the dedicated team of specialists who operate everything during the performance. The overhead space was something akin to an aircraft hangar and there were miles of cables, theatre props in the wings and lighting to create every mood.

The tour was made that little bit more special because we were treated to this special evening by the creative director of the Royal Opera House by an acquaintance from mthe same town where I grew up. As a result I’m sure we had privilege to see other things which not every other backstage tour had. The camera was at the ready as always throughout the performance and beforehand and here are a few from this very special evening.

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