Exquisite photography during the wedding preparation

The wedding preparation photography

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Wedding Preparation Photography

The wedding preparation photography can be a very special time to capture creative photographs for the bride before the ceremony and guest arrival. If the location is impressive then the photographer should maximize the time to get something which will be treasured afterwards. This unique time is where we use our experience from fashion photography to capture more structured photographs from the day.

Preparation is key to this stage of the shoot. Often we know the locations across all the Balearic Islands, but if we don’t, we recce the place before the day. Any preparation time is included in our fee. Preparation is key to any photography shoot so if your photographer is not prepared to look at this beforehand we would advise you steer clear.

Most of the day unfolds before the photographer and it will be captured in a reportage style. There are opportunities however, to capture some powerful photographs which will need to be thought about prior, by your photographer. The ability to think about the possibilities of the location will make your collection varied and enjoyable to look at in years to come.

Take a look through a typical wedding day photography shoot on Mallorca at Ca’s Xorc Boutique Hotel, by clicking on the link below.






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