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Wedding Suppliers Mallorca

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Introduction to Suppliers

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to the number 1’s from the wedding and events suppliers on this beautiful Mediterranean island. This Blog post from our Mallorca Wedding Photographers section aims to outline the cream of the crop from the island of Mallorca. So, let’s give you our list of people who we think you should contact to make your day really shine.

You are visiting our site because the chances are you are planning a wedding celebration or some other red letter day on the island of Mallorca. Here we have given a comprehensive guide to everything you will need for your special day and in addition, there could be a few ideas here which will give you some inspiration for making sure you have one of the best days in your life. Something you will look back at with fond memories and with the satisfaction that you delivered an absolutely cracking day for all your nearest friends and family.

Here is a link to our recommended website for general planning on this island. Everything beyond the realm of weddings which you’ll indirectly need. Villas, car hire, boat charters, hotels and things to do on the days before and after your wedding day. SeeMallorca online guide will inspire you.


Now you have a little taster of the things Mallorca can offer, let’s dive into our guide to the best wedding suppliers here on the island. Our approach to these recommendations are in the main from professionals we are truly impressed with. So let’s start with the most important person on the day…the bride. If you’re wanting make up then we have a gem in Annika Fredriksson. Annika is Swedish and has been working in the hair and make-up industry for nearly twenty years. She works regularly in Sweden, England and Mallorca, where she has a studio on Carrer Sant Magi. Understanding colour and skin types is crucial to getting the best look for you on the day. As photographers we have seen the very best looks from Annika which always make the bride look her very best on the photographs. You can contact her directly by following the link below;


The most important part of the wedding will undoubtedly be the wedding ceremony. Some couples prefer to have a religious ceremony delivered by a man or woman of the cloth and others prefer a non-religious ceremony delivered by a professional celebrant. Incidentally, on occasion we have also been witness to wedding ceremonies delivered by friends of the couple. If you know someone who feels confident enough to do this, then we recommend you go with this as they have always provided the very best from the ceremony. Having someone there who has known you for years will give you and your guests a more intimate feel than someone who has known you for a few hours.

If you cannot find anyone brave enough to step forward on such a special day, then you must turn to the professional on the island. There are many here on Mallorca and all work very hard to make sure this special time during the day is seamless. With a little humour, personality and reference to all which is magical on Mallorca and all that is magical about your relationship, the celebrant can deliver an emotional service which will be appreciated by all. Follow the link to find the very best from a celebrant here on Mallorca. Annie will deliver a personalised, heartfelt ceremony with a sprinkle of humour, love and dedication.

Wedding Planner

We have experienced many wedding planners throughout our time photographing weddings across the Balearic Islands. Here on Mallorca there are many and they are well connected with suppliers. Depending on where your wedding will be will determine firstly on whether you wish to involve a wedding planner and then how much input you wish that planner to have.

If you choose a hotel then wedding planning services are less likely. If you need a guide on some of the most impressive wedding hotels then take a look at our Blog post for Mallorca wedding locations. Here you will find a diverse range in beautiful locations —

If you choose any of these hotels then they will be well versed in preparing for your day and it may well be that a wedding planner is not needed. From experience, wedding planners are usually needed when villas are wanted and everything is brought in. Careful consideration should be given when deciding whether you want a hotel or villa.

We can supply you with private villa locations if this is the direction you wish to take for your wedding reception. If you decide upon a villa or a location which does not have the facilities, particularly when it comes to food and kitchen, to accommodate a large wedding party, then wedding planners are essential in working out the logistics. To get a professional service then look at Alago Events. Often they have a team of well trusted wedding suppliers that they use regularly.



This section is short and sweet. If you want a wedding videographer then look no further than Daniel Mota. We have worked with him many times and LOVE what he does. Check his work out here below. If you need any special equipment hire such as drone or underwater then he will have all the contacts and licenses needed.


Take a look at our post about what you should look for in a wedding photographer and then peruse the many online portfolios before making your decision on the capture from the day.. Price, personality and portfolio should all be considered before making any firm decisions. Check out our article here which gives a list of the things to consider when booking a wedding photographer.


There is an expanding body of text within our Blog post on wedding venues on the island of Mallorca. From mountain boutique hotels to coastal isolated venues, our Blog hopes to give you a run down on all the top spots. Youcan read this by following the link. This will change and develop so it will be well worth revisiting throughout your planning.

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