winter fashion photography commissions on the island of Mallorca


By John Britton Commercial, Fashion Comments Off on Instagram

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With a swing in less predictable weather and temperatures in January and February, we are discovering independent fashion boutiques in Palma de Mallorca are commissioning photography on a consistent basis. Gone are the days when commissions for winter fashion photography is September and summer shoots are March or April.

We are working increasingly for stores which drive sales throughout the season. Therefore, shooting for independent retailers, wanting to appeal directly to customers quickly, is becoming more and more popular. Every stage throughout the season, from arrival of new stock to 70% reductions at the end of the season, is photographed and promoted through social media channels. The industry of fashion is becoming increasingly competitive and how stores advertise themselves and their products is now a direct and more efficient process. Our latest shoots for boutiques in Mallorca are trying to sell the remainder of their winter stock before the summer collections arrive. Commissioning photography that can sell the remainder of the stock can increase much needed sales at the end of the season. With digital capture and editing, the shoot can be delivered the same day and appear online and to a potential, global customer base. It’s a fast paced and effective way of selling.

This technique of quick promotion is also working throughout the wholesale industry. The fashion selling period for Autumn/Winter 2022 in Paris will commence this week. We will be working in several of the selling hubs to photograph products for wholesalers, wanting to promote their collections to stores from around the world. The retail owners travel to the fashion capitals during these important selling periods. The wholesale market work six months ahead of delivery to retailers. The high pressure selling period in New York, London, Milan and Paris are a time to show the world’s retailers the collections from the leading designers. Promoting ones merchandise on Instagram and blogs is vitally important in attracting potential buyers.

If you need visual content quickly for any product we would be more than happy to speak about our service, standard and fees. We will be in Paris at the Cube for the selling period over Paris Fashion Week.

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