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Ibiza Wedding with Flamenco

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flamenco dancer

Flamenco Dancers

How you choose to entertain your guests at a wedding is something which greatly occupies couples during the planning. With the food, the ceremony, how many tables etcetera, many of these aspects can be very quick decisions which are easily made. The entertainment however, can be expensive although it can be the highlight to the reception. It can be something which steals the show and will set the day apart from any other wedding. Therefore, careful consideration and research to what is on the island, will be well worth it when the night arrives on this special day.

Although flamenco is from the south of Spain in Andalucia, many visitors will see it throughout Spain. It’s roots are from Romani ethnicity. The dance is fast paced and electric. Usually between the male and female, it is a ritual courting dance which is very flamboyant. A perfect performance for such a romantic night. I thought this very energetic performance created some lasting photographs which were printed in-house and are now beautifully frames on our customer’s wall back in the UK.

Often there are several photographs from our edit which we set aside for our wedding customers. These are reminders of the day, but have a different feel to them. They can be bought and displayed at home to remind our customers of their wedding day. As you can see here, the photographs have a painterly feel, almost abstract. On every wedding commission we try and capture something which can be displayed at home. A momento which will last decades. Photography is a powerful medium which captures time. It reminds you, time and time again, of one of the best days in your life.

Hahnmuhle prints from our studio, mounted and framed, will cost between £100 to £150. Any larger prints will increase the cost. We can print to any size to adapt to any space within your home.


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