Mallorca photographers for your wedding on the Balearics
Mallorca wedding photography

Mallorca wedding photography

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We specialise in Mallorca wedding photography and Mallorca event photography on this diverse Balearic island. Based on the island of Mallorca over summer and returning to England over winter, we can maximise any contact time with British customers across the North, London and the Midlands. If you would like to view our printed portfolios and meet face to face then please arrange a preferred date.

We understand how important it is to meet your Mallorca wedding photographer prior to booking. That is why we try our level best to meet face to face. Not only is the ability to capture the wedding or event well, of primary importance, but the character and personality of the person behind the lens is also important. Your photographer will be with you throughout one of the most important days in your life. We will make every effort to make sure you are happy with everything before making a decision on the booking.

To begin, why not view our Portfolio and Blog sections for photography and news from Britton Brothers about Mallorca Wedding Photography. You can also keep up-to-date by connecting with our Instagram account @socialdocumentaryphotos. Then if you wish to meet, head over to our contact page.

This impressive Mediterranean island with it’s diverse landscape offers a wealth of locations for your wedding or event which will make a lasting impression with your guests. Please feel free to ask for advice on locations and suppliers which will make your planning process much easier. We will be happy to share our knowledge of this island which we have known for over ten years.

If you would like to commission Britton Brothers at this unique time in your life, then we would be happy to talk through our approach and fees with you for Mallorca wedding photography. All photographers nowadays, approach wedding photography in a reportage style. This means that they will capture the day as it unfolds. Gone are the days when wedding photographers spend most of the day holding court and directing you and your guests. This will inevitably be frustrating and can potentially ruin the day.

Photographing your day in a photo-journalistic way should not however mean that your photographer spends all the time lurking in the shadows with a long lens. They need to learn the art of knowing when to step forward and orchestrate a photograph in addition to waiting and anticipating a great shot. This will mean doing preparation work and assessing the location and light prior to the shoot. If you are considering commissioning someone unwilling to do this then we would advise you look elsewhere. This is key to getting the best from your wedding photography.

Almost all wedding customers prefer a reportage approach to photography as your guests will ultimately look more relaxed and natural. There is nothing new in this approach anymore but styles will differ and the experience of the photographer will also differ. Along with the experience you will also see fees ranging from a couple of hundred euros to a couple of thousand euros.

The reason the fees are so different will largely be based on experience but also what the photographer offers. The photographer starting out, will be happy to charge much less for the opportunity of getting the commission and building his or her portfolio. Photographers who charge much more will usually be including one or two albums within the price. Their experience will mean they are busier and less willing to work for a lower fee so consider how valuable your photographs will be to you after the day has passed.

Our approach will dedicate part of the day to capturing valued photographs which have more structure to them in terms of lighting and composition. Preparation for these photographs will be done in the days leading up to the wedding day and will incorporate artificial lighting to get the most from the location and the people. In this way the customer will get a reportage record of you and your guests, but in addition, you will receive some unique photographs using our experience of shooting fashion stories. These twenty minute sessions have been proven to get great results and are valued.

These captures can then be printed on the finest photographic paper on the market. Textured fine art paper from Germany using archival inks to provide something really special for your home. Please inquire about viewing our printed portfolios from our Mallorca wedding photography portfolios. You will not only see the difference from our reportage wedding portfolios but you will be able to see and feel the quality of the prints.

In addition to wedding and fashion photography, our portfolio is part of a body of work where we document events which bring people together in celebration. These celebrations are diverse and interesting and we believe, give an unusual edge to our work. If you want to find out more, then take a look at our Blog for updates of other celebrations which are executed with the same style and enthusiasm.

We hope to hear about your forthcoming wedding celebration on Mallorca. You have chosen a beautiful part of the world for you and your guests to celebrate. For more stories on Mallorca wedding photography and celebrations from here and other destinations, then head to our Portfolio and Blog sections to see the very best venues and news from this Mediterranean island.

And if Mallorca isn’t your dream wedding location, fear not! We also offer our services in Ibiza and Menorca.