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Menorca wedding photography

Menorca wedding photography

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It is no surprise Menorca is fast becoming one of the world’s most sought after wedding destination locations. We love Menorca wedding photography, every twist and turn along the 216-kilometre winding coastline brings you to ancient towns, historic monuments and hidden beaches washed by the Mediterranean Sea.

Menorca’s natural beauty is one of it’s stand out features. The small peaceful island is gloriously green and an unspoiled place, a landscape of green wild olive and rustic stone set among idyllic white washed buildings. If you’re planning an event or wedding here, then you’ll have a memorable day which will remain with you.

Our aim is to build a portfolio of photographs throughout the day. Our captured photographs will then be edited and from the selection, we will manipulate the strongest three hundred so you receive a record of the day with every photograph being given the care and attention it deserves.

Menorca wedding photography is our passion and we will create a lasting portfolio of photographs you will love to look back on. We have been visiting and later working on this unique island which brings people and families back, year after year. We know the island well and we have photographed and traveled across all of it.

The unspoilt island has the best from the Balearics. Over development on Mallorca and Ibiza never reached the shores of the most easterly island. It has idyllic, white washed towns and villages, all with many white washed churches. If you’re not one for religious weddings then take a look in our Portfolio section. The island can offer vineyards, caves overlooking the Mediterranean Sea or the most stylish hotels to host your wedding day.

As a photographer we have created our best portfolio images on Menorca due to it’s landscape and the interesting businesses that are here on the island. Because of our passion for this particular island we now offer a wedding planning service which will allow you to plan your day with the minimum of fuss. We now have an extensive portfolio which can suggest the diverse locations, supply contacts to the Anglican Church or non-religious celebrants, supply decorations, chefs and everything else which will make your wedding day one of the best days you’ll ever have.

With a new and exciting venture in Menorca wedding planning we can now supply the very best in professional services. We can deliver on unique and unusual demands for your wedding day from the artistry of the wedding planning services and suppliers we have pulled together.

Menorca may be the victim of it’s own success as the island has a very relaxed and family orientated reputation. It’s popularity is steadily growing and because of this, there are some world class hotels now on the island. Look at Torrelbenc, Sant Joan de Binissaida or the vineyard of Binifadet, all near Mahon, the island’s main town and capital. These three venues are well versed in having wedding celebrations. Let’s hope it’s popularity doesn’t reach the heights of Mallorca and ibiza anytime soon.

One of the recent and popular things to treat your guests to on the island is their own private jaleo. Anyone who has visited menorca during the summer months will know about the towns celebrations with horses. Each main town celebrates it’s patron saint by skilled riders, riding through the streets of the town on the native horses from the island. Rearing the horses to the thrill of the crowd, the young and brave try and touch the heart of the horse as it rears. This is all done to the sound of local musicians. The atmosphere is electric. Now, certain riders and stables are offering this to wedding customers. A unique spectacle only on Menorca. Worth considering if you’re celebrating here.

Aside from jaleo riders we can sours American Chevrolets from the 1950’s, the best in floristry, venues, the finest chefs from Japanese to paella, wedding celebrants and the most popular Reverend. Although a quiet island, everything is here to make your celebration one of the highlights for the guests traveling here.

If you would like further information about our experience of Menorca wedding photography or wedding planning then write or call us. We will be pleased to hear of your forthcoming plans on this quiet and peaceful island. In addition to Menorca wedding photography, we also specialize in event and commercial photography on the island. Our portfolios are varied. Take a look in our Commercial section for fashion shoots from the island. La Mola is a recent shoot for Inscrire Atelier. Techniques from commercial commissions can often benefit our wedding customers. Lighting techniques in particular are transferable to create something quite unique in Menorca wedding photography.

To demonstrate we can present printed portfolios either on the island or across Britain. We travel extensively in winter to see our customers for the following year. We understand how important it is to meet your wedding photographer before making any final decision. That is why we do our best to visit our customers in England, Scotland and Wales. We travel to all the major cities throughout the United Kingdom. If you would like to book an appointment then write to us on our Contact page or alternatively, drop us a line.

And if Menorca isn’t your dream wedding location, fear not! We also offer our services across the islands in Ibiza and Mallorca.