Fashin brand Annother Archive collaborate with Lidia Mas Llorens

Annother Archive

By John Britton Commercial, Fashion Comments Off on Annother Archive

Lidia Mas Llorens

Annother Archive is a womenswear brand which is designed in Brooklyn New York and manufactured in Barcelona. An avant garde label which has already been bought and supplied by the likes of Dover Street Market which has premises in Manhattan, LA, Beijing, Tokyo and London. Creativity is at the very heart and soul of what drives this label and it’s evolution from season to season.

This season they have collaborated with artist Lidia Mas Llorens and printed her brush strokes onto fabric for their new collection. Her art work is impactful and full of an artist who is confident with her style, technique and approach to her canvas. Her bold work can be seen here on the creativity of the cut fabric.

For more portrait and fashion photography head over to our commercial portfolio and view Annother Archive below



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