Carnival in Barcelona to celebrate forty days before Easter

Carnival Time Throughout Spain

By John Britton Commercial, People Comments Off on Carnival Time Throughout Spain

Carnival girl with mask


Carnival is celebrated forty days before Good Friday and Easter, throughout Spain. The forty days of Lent, a period practicing prayer, penance and fasting is still observed by some Christians across the world. With Spain having strong religious traditions the fiestas of Carnival are very popular. Besides, the Spanish love a party so there’s usually always a reason to let your hair down in this country. This year we documented the Carnaval in Trinitat Vella near the district of Sant Andreu in the north of the city. The Escuela Ramon i Cajal asked us to document their street procession. The theme was endangered animal species, the costumes by each year representing a species of animal endangered, due to humankind and our behaviour on the planet.

If you’d like a list of the top Carnivals throughout Spain, just before the period of Lent then click on the link below to get involved in something special here in Spain.

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