A wedding at the boutique hotel Ca's Xorc on the island of Mallorca

Ca’s Xorc Boutique Hotel

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Bride in doorway

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Ca’s Xorc Wedding

We had our initial meeting in London last year for this wedding celebration which was to take place in June 2022 at Ca’s Xorc Hotel. The date arrived a few days ago and we were there to capture all the action. Antipodeans, where the groom originated, along with Brits and Americans. This was a coming together which may well never be repeated. In fact the last time some members of the bride’s family were together was over a decade ago so this really was a special day. The ability to capture all of the day’s highlights therefore, is something which should never be taken lightly by your wedding photographer.

With individuality in both the interior spaces and the garden, which overlook the island to the north, this hotel is likely to impress any visitor. The wedding party certainly seemed impressed. The wedding ceremony was in the marquee on one of the many terraced areas. The paths which lead to the garden areas are narrow and winding, which make it a very enchanting environment. The photographs at this venue are always a pleasure to look back upon for me. Many end up in our printed portfolios.

Our belief is that the guests, the food and music are paramount in creating a good atmosphere at any wedding. You can create a good party almost anywhere if you have these elements. However, as a photographer, having Ca’s Xorc Hotel as a place where you can create a strong visual story is something which we are grateful for. Environments are the key to our success and they really don’t come any better than this one. An exceptional hotel in quite simply the best environment for creative photographs.


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