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Nomad Atelier Fashion Shoot

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Nomad Atelier

Our Nomad Atelier fashion shoot for the Autumn Winter collection took place in England over the past couple of days. On this occasion, with the location and light being as it was, we relied purely on daylight and post production techniques to get the desired feel for the campaign. The fabrics are sourced from around the world and manufactured in England by Nomad with accessories such as shoes and bags, which are manufactured in Mallorca and Menorca. Thank you to Industry People in Manchester that supplied our model Jazmine and the make up artist Maxine.

The Balearic Islands are where we spend much of our time during the summer months, photographing wedding, portrait and other social events such as business seminars and networking events. Our customers for fashion photography are also steadily increasing and it was great to take some of the products from the islands and photograph them for our customers in the North of England.

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