Portrait photography sessions across the Balearic Islands

Portrait Photography

By John Britton Commercial, People Comments Off on Portrait Photography

Personal portrait photography


Portrait photography makes up our portfolios from across the Balearic Islands. We are always on the look-out for locations for our commissioned or personal portrait photography. People in environments is what our social photography commissions are all about, be that wedding days, portraits of people or less structured photographs of family get-togethers.

Photographing days which are fondly looked back on will always need photographs to jog the memory. With the increase in sales of camera of mobile phones with camera technology, captures of special occasions are now easy to record. However, if you need a professional touch on a special occasion then contacting a professional to get the professional touch is well worth the money. Even more so if you need a portrait for a specific purpose or introducing you for marketing purposes.

Identifying a style from the artist is therefore paramount and looking through the portfolios of the photographers will be well worth the time. Often a photographer’s style can be overlooked and can lead to disappointment later. Ask to see printed portfolios, meet the artist to get a feel for his or her approach and talk through what you wish to convey from the commission. Pre-production meetings are essential for a successful shoot. Any photographer not willing to put in the time, steer clear! A successful shoot will always need preparatory time from the photographer and the person commissioning the project.

I have declined offers of shoots if the brief is vague and there is no clearly defined ideas from the agent, customer or designer. It could be that the style of photography for a commercial shoot would be better photographed by someone else. An agent will often ask for many portfolios to present to a customer. This will put the right photographer forward for the commission.

If our portfolios are of interest for your campaign then we’d be interested to meet to discuss your ideas.

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