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Personal Portrait Photography

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Personal portrait photography

Personal portrait photography makes up our portfolios from across the Balearic islands. We are always on the look-out for locations for our portrait portrait photography in addition to any commissions for this area of work. People in environments is what our social photography is all about, be that wedding days, portraits of people or less structured family get-togethers, while you’re on holiday.

This short session of personal portrait photography took thirty minutes and is a portrait is of my sister-in-law who lives and works on the island of Menorca. She has recently renovated a house in Es Castell near Mahon. In addition to house renovations she is a wedding planner, taking care of any language barriers with suppliers, getting the best deal for the customer whilst also supplying some absolutely incredibly dedicated people, in addition to venues and things which will make your wedding something to remember.

She works on a fee which means she is not on a percentage commission from suppliers. This will ensure she is always getting the best deal for her customers and having lived on the island for more than fifteen years, she has a wealth of contacts which will save you a lot of time whilst also delivering the best locations and contacts. If you need her contact details, then please write and request it.

Amongst other weddings in twenty seventeen she is looking after two large parties of around one hundred and fifty people for each wedding, supplying everything to an old fort to a 1959 American Chevrolet so she is well versed in showing you the best Menorcan suppliers can offer.

If you need any recommendations of people across the islands who are passionate about delivering the best services then please feel free to contact us and we will put you in-touch.

You can read and hear a short introduction to the fort of San Felipe by following the link below. This is recently being opened as an event and wedding venue on the island of Menorca.

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