A wedding in the most beautiful town across the Balearics, Ciudadella


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Ciudadella Wedding

The location for this recent shoot was in a picturesque town on the west coast of Menorca, Ciudadella. Ciudadella is one of the most beautiful towns anywhere across the islands and served me well for this wedding on Menorca. Ciudadella has it all. Much quieter than the neighboring islands of Mallorca and Ibiza, the island has its own unique self governance. If you want permission to do things on your wedding day here, a phone call to the local council will usually grant permission for your request. The wedding car for this wedding was allowed to drive on the pedestrian area to the church. There was no problem with confetti being thrown in the public spaces. We were also allowed in private areas which belonged to the local council. Perfect locations to capture those group photographs. A town which was full of well wishers, even for those foreigners choosing Ciudadella for their wedding day.

The chances are if you choose Ciudadella for your wedding location then the ceremony will be in the Old Town. What adds to the beauty of this place is also the harbour which is centrally located. The ancient capital from where the town has grown over the years. Unlike all other Balearic towns or cities which have a port or harbour, this one has very few vehicles traveling along the road which runs the length of the harbour. The restaurants spill out on to the pavement which creates a great atmosphere at night.

If you choose to eat on the harbour and not in the town, then your guests can walk this short distance through the streets of one of the prettiest towns anywhere across the Balearics. This wedding party ate at Club Nautic which is five minutes from the harbour, along the wooden walkway which runs west toward the sea. You can find this restaurant by clicking on the link below.