Dalt Des Coll Restaurant on the mountain road near Soller

Dalt Des Coll

Mallorca, Wedding

Dalt des Coll Wedding

Dalt des Coll restaurant sits atop the famous mountain road which links Palma to Soller. Before the tunnel was engineered, which now runs through the Tramuntana Mountain, the mountain road was the fastest way to reach Soller from Palma, by car. The road is spectacular and is very popular with cyclists as the road is steep on the incline and also heading back down the other side, irrespective of your direction.

The restaurant, which faces the flat southern part of Mallorca, vistas toward Palma, was the spectacular venue for our August wedding. Take a look at our Mallorca blog for a detailed description of the whole wedding day which began at the Sant Bartomeu church in the main square in Soller and ended in the early hours of the morning at Dalt Des Coll restaurant, high in the Tramuntana.