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Fatima Church

Menorca, Wedding

Fatima Church near Addaia

A wedding at the small Fatima Church on the road to Addaia in the north of Menorca. This church is the most unusual church we have photographed. There are no services delivered here during the week, or at any other time. In fact the church is closed and locked up for most of the year. However, you can ask permission to use it for your wedding ceremony if you wish. All you need to do is pick up the keys in Mahon, from a church in the centre.

If you can arrange this then you can have the place to yourselves. You open it up and lock the door when you are finished. At this ceremony, the guests carried refreshments and food from the car park and set out tables by the front door. Once the service had finished, people relaxed in this beautiful and peaceful spot while we captured some group photographs. The area around the church has very impressive dappled light being filtered by the many mature trees in the area. The most remote and unusual little church we have had the pleasure of photographing.

Afterwards we all headed for Sant Lluis to the east, to the bride’s parents villa. Lots of people were involved in the very large barbecue. On this occasion though, too many chefs did not spoil the broth. A great evening, which we all enjoyed with food, great wine and of course, lots of photography.

If you need any contact information for this great little intinate church near Addaia then don’t hesitate to get in touch. All we would say is the church is very small so it will not hold large wedding parties. If however you have a small wedding party then we cannot recommend this venue highly enough.