Roger's 60th birthday at Hotel Can Simoneta near Canyamel, Mallorca

Hotel Can Simoneta

Event, Mallorca

Hotel Can Simoneta

We were commissioned to capture a milestone 60th birthday party. The gathering was hosted at the very impressive Hotel Can Simoneta near Canyamel on the east coast of Mallorca. A three day event filled with lost of food, golf…and lots more food! Guests arrived on Friday afternoon to afternoon tea, or something stronger, on the lawn overlooking the sea.

The first evening’s meal was a short drive to Porxada de sa Torre where fifty six guests sat down to eat a delicious meal under the shadow of the old fortification. Here there is a restaurant which is held in high regard. The guests were not disappointed.

Back to Hotel Can Simoneta. The following day guests could either hike to the caves in Arta, a morning of golf or relax by the pool. We headd to the golf course to photograph birthday boy and fifteen of his golfing partners. Pula Golf was the course and immaculate it is! A pleasure to kart around with a camera.

Joining the rest of the guests at Canyamel for lunch at many of the restaurants which hug the beach there. A splendid buffet in the very pleasant surroundings and the weather which is perfect in the month of May. A gentle stroll back to Hotel Can Simoneta and an afternoon siesta before the main meal at the hotel.

Dinner jackets and a dress up code for a table which was well worth the effort. The food was exceptional, the surroundings exceptional…this was no ordinary birthday. Evening entertainment was flown in from London. Kit and McConnel, one half from BBC Radio 4’s ‘Just a Minute’.

The party went on into the early hours with music from Beats Boutique. We left at 2am but there were still many revelers propping up the bar. After our return to Hotel Can Simoneta the following day for brunch, everyone attended and looked good .for the group photograph, considering.

We will not forget this three day commission. A very special event working with a London events company.