ITC conference at Hotel son Vida on the island of Mallorca


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ITC Mallorca

ITC – International Trade Convention conference at Hotel Castillo Son Vida near Palma de Mallorca. Delegates from over forty countries convened on the Balearic island of Mallorca. A networking event for traders and buyers in a relaxed, informal environment.

The ITC event, lasted three days. Networking was the priority for suppliers and buyers to meet. In addition to the networking schedule, there was the evening dinner, the closing party and the photography to capture. A successful event which will see us heading for Malta in twenty seventeen, where the event will take place.

We were commissioned to capture both photography and video for the event. This will be used for promotional material, attracting delegates for next year’s event. We use the latest in video technology allowing us to capture 4k and 8k resolution. Hand held rigs, drones and underwater gear make almost everything possible for capture.

Hotel Castillo Son Vida is a luxury five star hotel north of Palma de Mallorca. It caters for large events like ITC. Follow the link below to get everything you need from this luxury hotel.

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