Wedding portraits is an important and integral part of the shoot

Wedding Portraits

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Portraits at Weddings

Reportage photography, at any wedding, is considered the way to document these events, but wedding portraits are also a valuable addition. Both photographers and customers feel comfortable that many of the best and strongest photographs are obtained when people are least expecting a photograph to be taken. People are in a natural state and not posed.

However, when being commissioned for a wedding, it is important to be aware that throughout the day, customers will expect wedding portraits as part of their collection of photographs. And if the possibility of getting staged photographs arise, these can be valued as much as any reportage photographs.

Take a look at the Pikes Hotel selection in the Ibiza section of the site. We recently had a very willing model at a shoot on Ibiza and these photographs were loved by the wedding customer.

Commissioned photographers must therefore not use the excuse of reportage to be too standoffish at a wedding. People enjoy being part of the photography process and to get more posed portrait photographs are an essential part of the overall portfolio.

As an example of the more structured photographs, the large group photograph is an important part of the day. People enjoy the cutting of the cake and the first dance as it brings the guests together – they feel part of the unfolding of the day. In a similar way, to be asked to be photographed also involves them and serves as a record of their attendance. We love to get these photographs in addition to the reportage ones. Please ask to see our portfolio of photographs which make up a varied body of work.

We think that our photography portfolios are rich in posed photographs in addition to reportage wedding photography. Something which you will value when looking back at not only photographs of you, but also your guests.