wedding preparation photography on the island of Mallorca

Wedding Preparation Photography

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Wedding Preparation Photography

If you commission a full day of photography from us then the wedding preparation photography will be included in our day’s capture. This is one part of the day which we really enjoy. Through the excitement and sometimes chaotic preparation period, wedding photographers can capture some exquisite still life photographs of the dresses, jewellery and flowers. All these individual touches contribute to the look of the bridal party and bride and help the photographer when planning portraits with them later in the day. The time spent here helps everyone become familiar with having a photographer there.

In addition to the still life photographs, there is so much more to capture. A wedding photographer is there to also photograph the chaotic preparation of the bride and her bridal party. Usually crammed into one space, everything for the hair, face, nails and garments are strewn, usually in one room. It can be a daunting task for a wedding photographer to bring some order to the wedding preparation photography

Our schedule to the wedding preparation photography is arriving two hours prior to the ceremony. This will give ample time to photograph all the details of the bride’s look. We can also photograph group photographs after the preparation of the bride and her bridal party are complete. Additional photographs of any relatives and the wedding car can also be captured at this time. It requires a delicate and considerate approach as emotions are volatile. A wedding photographer needs to learn when to photograph and when to give privacy. There will be stressful times during the wedding preparation and this is the photographer’s time to busy himself or herself with other captures.

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