The fiesta of Sant Antoni in sa Pobla on the island of Majorca

Sant Antoni fiesta in sa Pobla Mallorca

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demon with fireworks demons at the fiesta of San Antonio demon with firework man with firework in crowd party revellers at Mallorca fiesta a demon at the Majorca fiesta of Sant Saonti San Antoni fiesta in sa Pobla Majorca fiesta of Sant Antoni a demon at the fiesta of Sant Antoni

Sant Antoni fiesta in sa Pobla Mallorca

Part of our resolutions for the forthcoming year is to expand our personal portfolios. Last year we began a new portfolio of work to document more celebrations beyond our wedding portfolios. To document more varied celebrations, initially on the Balearic Islands and then hopefully to go to the mainland to photograph more celebrations there. Living on the island of Mallorca for much of the year we have learnt from the islanders of the best fiestas to photograph. Sant Antoni in sa Pobla is the first one on the list and we have done a little research into one of the ones to attend.

Sant Antoni or San Antonio is the patron saint of farm animals and each year, all over the island, Spain and Latin America, San Antonio is celebrated in villages, towns and cities across Spanish speaking nations. On the east side of Mallorca is the small town of sa Pobla and every year on January 17, the town has one of the best fiestas on the island. Large bonfires, sculptural figures, food and fireworks are presented to the people of the town and the people who choose to attend from other places

Sa Pobla was the first place to celebrate with demons. The demons were asked to travel to other places on the island on the build up to 17 January. Now other towns and villages across the island, celebrate in a similar way and have their own demons. Sa Pobla is still however considered to be the best place to celebrate Sant Antoni or San Antonio.

Sant Antoni 1195-1231

Born Ferando Martins de Bulhoes

Saint Anthony or Sant Antoni in Catalan, was born in Lisbon in Portugal, of the Franciscan Order, a priest and friar. In his teenage years he entered the community of Canons Regular at the Augustian Abbey. With distractions from frequent visits from family and friends, he asked to be transferred to the motherhouse in Santa Cruz, then the capital of Portugal. Here he studied theology and Latin. Whilst here, some Franciscan friars settled on the outskirts of Coimbra. He was attracted to their simple and evangelical way of life and wanted to join the Order, his admission was accepted. The Order was started only eleven years prior to his own admission so he was there from almost the beginning of the teachings. He became very close to Francis of Assisi, the founding member of the Franciscan Order, and after traveling to Morocco and Sicily, he reached Tuscany where he preached and taught members of the Order, entrusted by Francis himself. He remained in Italy, devoting his life to the teachings of the Franciscan Order. He is venerated all over the world as the patron saint for lost items and is credited for miracles involving lost people, lost things and lost spiritual goods. The celebration of the life of Saint Anthony is witnessed in places where the Portuguese Empire succeeded.

The correfoc, the running of the fire on Majorca, is something special to witness during the fiesta of Sant Antoni. We will be photographing the build up and the day of the fiesta and show the very best from this magical time on Mallorca.


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