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Sant Joan Fiesta Ciutadella

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Fiesta horse

Sunset Sant Joan Fiesta Ciutadella

Sant Joan Ciutadella

The Sant Joan fiesta in Ciutadella Menorca is shortly after the summer solstice when there is the most amount of light in the northern hemisphere. These fiestas take place across Spain but one of the most notable of these celebrations is the one which takes place in Ciutadella on the western side of Menorca. As we prepare to photograph several commissions on Menorca including wedding and furniture photography, the decision to attend the Sant Joan fiesta in Ciutadella for the third year running was an easy one.

The Sant Joan fiesta in Ciutadella is unusual because of the horses which are native only to the island of Menorca and which are the stars of the show. The skilled horse riders manoeuvre through the ancient streets which are packed with party revelers and on occasion rear up on their hind legs to the delight of the crowd. Whether you’re appreciative of horses or not, the first fiesta on the island of Sant Joan in Ciutadella will not disappoint. A great one for any photographer or videographer.

If you cannot get to the first and only fiesta in June then look online for the fiestas which are celebrated in every main town on the island. Your next visit to the island of Menorca should include a fiesta. They are the highlight for anyone living on the island.

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