Sonar music festival for twenty twenty-two in Barcelona

Sonar Barcelona

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Sonar 2019

Sonar is well known as one of the best music festivals throughout Spain during the busy summer festival season. Notorious for it’s electronic ensemble at Fira and also an eclectic mix of other styles throughout the city during one weekend in mid-July. Our banner image is from Teatre Grec in the area Poble Sec. It was built in 1829 for the great exhibition in Barcelona and replicates an ancient Greek amphitheatre. The Matthew Herbert Big Brexit Band were playing for the last night of the weekend festival. Brass, stringed and an army of backing singers created an unconventional and experimental mix of sound with a lyrical overtone from the looming political situation concerning the United Kingdom. An interesting night with plenty of audience participation.

Sonar by Day and Sonar by Night were the main events of this festival, however. Tens of thousands of party go-ers filled the huge halls near Placa d’Espanya and out at the night venue of Fira. Known for their experimental line up as well as some headline acts, this was another successful year for Sonar and will ensure their success in future years. Electronic genres mixed with live performances and dj’s in the main from Spain, UK, USA, Belgium entertained an audience until 7am on Sunday morning. Headline acts from Bad Bunny, Underworld, Skepta, Honey Dijon and Louie Vega

We will await the line-up for next year with high expectations. If you want to learn the progress of next year’s festival, then you can save the following link here;

Last year’s festival photographs are still available to see in our commercial section of our website and feature the Gorillaz who were the most memorable thing we have had the pleasure of experiencing and photographing. Well worth every euro of the entrance fee;


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