the unposed but stylised documentary wedding photograph

A Documentary Approach

By John Britton Ibiza, Mallorca, Menorca, Wedding Comments Off on A Documentary Approach

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The Stylised Photograph

Whenever I shoot a wedding, our initial consultation with one another will be whether our vision of your final set of photographs will be liked. So this initial meeting will be the most important for the both of us or indeed any other photographer you are thinking of commissioning. Our suggestion to look at our online portfolios will display a stylised collection which is best suited to a commissioner giving us maximum time to look for the unusual and playful approach. This allows our style to develop as your guests enjoy the day.  As little time as possible is dedicated to any group photographs or photographs which are staged. There will be an opportunity to execute a few of these photographs but they certainly will not take precedence over our approach where we feel most at ease. This is where careful consideration should be given to looking through different photographer’s portfolios and only selecting the one which you feel will best represent your wedding day.

A photographer who is good with people should always be given the work over someone who just has no chemistry. This is a social job so anyone behind the lens who feels uncomfortable in a crowd of people will more likely than not, present a poor collection from your day. Social documentary photographers need to be very much in the mix of it at your wedding. Any wall flowers are better off steering away from this kind of work. That is not to say you should ever be too pushy or dictatorial but any good photographer will know quickly, who wants the lens pointing at them and who doesn’t.

Our collection will hopefully demonstrate that you don’t need to shoot everything in the same way as another artist down the road. Photography should come from the heart and soul, like an artist who puts paint to canvas. The approach and the individual’s eye should portray a distinctive style which will either grab the potential customers eye or turn them away in favour of another style.

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