An unusual wedding car can make a big difference to the wedding shoot

An unusual wedding car for your perfect day – 1959 Chevrolet

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The Wedding Car

When planning your wedding day on any of the Balearic Islands, many things come together to make the most wonderful day for the couple. The priority is getting all your nearest and dearest together and then it’s a meticulous planning process.

One of the things you should consider in the planning is the wedding car. Although one of the smaller details, it should not be overlooked. This season we photographed a 1959 Chevrolet. To date it is the most unusual wedding car we’ve seen across the Balearics. We took full advantage of this beautiful car and the bride. The photographs had a very positive response from our customers after the wedding.

We’ve seen some great wedding cars across the islands of Menorca, Mallorca and Ibiza over the years and they always make a positive impact to the wedding shoot. Using these as props before and after the ceremony create photographs which you’ll enjoy looking at. They add creative photographs to the collection of the day and are always worth investing a little time into this part of the shoot.

If you need any contact details for wedding car suppliers or anything else which will add those special details to your wedding day, then drop us a line. We’d be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

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