Opening up a new revenue stream. Working with stock libararies

Working with Stock Libraries

By John Britton Commercial Comments Off on Working with Stock Libraries

Working with Stock Libraries

Stock Libraries – Alamy, Getty & Millennium

As freelance photographers we need to be aware of the many revenue streams which can be available to us. Our talent as image creators and working with stock libraries can be one such revenue stream. For some time we have been working with two of the biggest stock libraries in the world, Getty and Alamy. But there are smaller stock libraries out there which cater for specific demands. Assessing what photograph goes where is part of your self assessment which will lead to greater or fewer sales. One of the smaller libraries we work with is Millennium Images in London and they supply a small but constant revenue stream to our business.

Millennium Images are a small, focused image library in London which specialise in supplying book covers to publishers world-wide. We are now a regular contributing photographer with this agency which receives sales to Britton Brothers from book covers and calendars. Although we focus on wedding photography on Ibiza, Mallorca and Menorca, we often receive compliments from our wedding customers about our varied commercial work for fashion, landscape and other unusual sales, such as book covers.

Constantly working in a variety of photographic fields, including working with stock libraries, keeps our work fresh throughout all disciplines of photography. As a photographer you can often pick up techniques from one area and apply these techniques to other areas of your work. Our specialism throughout the summer months are shooting weddings in a specific part of the world, but once the winter months arrive, it is good to know that we can be working in other areas of photography to maintain a healthy amount of work throughout the year.

In our next blog we will discuss the merits of dedicating time to developing your personal portfolios.

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