Our latest fashion shoot for Pollyanna boutique in Barnlsey

A religious outing to St Mary’s for Pollyanna

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Fashion Photography

We were accommodated by Father Patrick Duckworth at St Mary’s church in Barnsley for our shoot for Pollyanna for their A/W collection of Celine bags. Thanks to Tracey Laycock and Izzy respectively, who styled and modeled for the shoot in Barnsley town centre.

Our client has a customer base of predominantly women over the age of 40. The clothes are not designs which follow seasonal fashion but instead have a strong style which have a timeless authenticity in their design. They can often be simple and flattering. We often use black and white to illustrate this. We use models with a distinctive look and we use stylists who understand the concept of the store.

Drawing influence from greats like Peter Lindburgh to photograph clothing from designers such as Shirin Guild, we can create marketing material which drives sales after each shoot for new deliveries to the store. Pollyanna was started in 1967 and continues to attract customers worldwide who have a similar vision on how they wish to dress. The store buys collections from top designers with a clear idea of how the customers wish to dress. With 45 years experience in the business, the store owner and buyers understand well, what is needed.

Twice a year, as the deliveries arrive, we have the privilege of seeing the newest collections from designers such as Miyake, Comme des Garcons, Yves Saint Laurent and Yohji Yamamoto. Talented designers from all over the world, who sell to a global market. To  have the opportunity to photograph these items is a incredibly exciting.

Fashion photography continues to feature strongly in our portfolio. It requires planning but also a portfolio style which should consider the target audience, the designer and store. We love what can be created in fashion photography and we love the clients we have within the industry. If you haven’t visited Pollyanna then you can do this online or even better, head to the market town of Barnsley in South Yorkshire. You will surely not be disappointed.

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