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Britton Brothers are now working with Alamy stock library which will open up a new revenue for specific imagery. Our images from our flight around Menorca for instance back in May, have been uploaded and we expect them to sell.. We have documented every beach from the air and hopefully they will appeal to businesses in the holiday industry who target potential customers for this particular island.

Stock libraries and their online catalogue, where potential customers can view the library online with specific key word search facility, can be a very powerful tool. With aerial photographs of every beach on the south coast of Menorca, we are hoping to market these generic photographs to hoteliers and travel companies who are appealing to customers who are interested in this particular holiday destination.

Alamy is therefore another revenue stream for our photographs which we hope will generate sales for specific photographs. To view this collection of professional photography for your project or business then click on the link below;

We also have a small selection of Commercial photographs here on our wedding website and you can view this here –

We also contribute to a much a much smaller online stock library in London called Millennium Images based in London. They specialise in book covers. Larger stock libraries such as Getty and Corbis throw their net wider but all adhere to strict codes for professional photographers to adhere to.

Some photographers will work with stock libraries full time, building a relationship where the libraries will communicate with the photographer to inform them of what is currently trending regarding demand. Lifestyle photographs of families enjoying time together for lifestyle brochures, holiday etc were very popular.

More conceptual and narrow the appeal of a photograph, then the less chance it will have of appealing to an online customer. At the same time, the more appealing the subject matter, the more competition the photographer will have, and so it is a very competitive market. Find a subject which has demand before the rest of the pack follow, and you could well be on to a winner.

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