Club Nautic wedding reception in Ciutadella on Menorca

Club Nautic in Ciutadella Menorca

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Club Nautic Ciutadella

Ciutadella, Menorca’s old capital was the town where Emma and Ben married. The impressive cathedral for the ceremony and afterward at Club Nautic. The port location and the attentive staff did a fabulous job at helping everyone celebrate well into the small hours of the morning on a balmy summer’s evening.

Of all the towns across the Balearics I would say that Ciutadella is my favourite. As beautiful as Alcudia, Deia and Valldamossa on Mallorca with the tranquility that you only get across Menorca. We had the additional privilege of the Cathedral Santa Maria. What a building to capture a wedding… and later, on the water’s edge at Club Nautic. If you’ve ever visited Ciutadella then you’ll know that this town is so beautiful. It aids every photograph with every backdrop. Therefore, to accept their invitation for the commission was a no brainer.

From the rehearsal, in the impressive cathedral the day before, we knew this would be a strong collection of wedding photographs. One worthy of the portfolio. On the wedding day itself, we had the cathedral and access to a small enclosed courtyard next to the cathedral to capture the group photographs. Additionally, we had a pleasant fifteen minute walk to Club Nautic. The streets and on to the floating jetty on the port, leading to the reception venue, created lasting images.

From start to finish this was a day for me to remember. For the guests and for the bride a groom, even more so I’m sure. Here are the links for you to help create your perfect day on the island of Menorca. Club Nautic in Ciutadella can be contacted by clicking the following link;

For alternative wedding venues on the island then read our blog post here which will help inspire;

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