Elixir Shore Club near Cala Codolar on th eisland of Ibiza

Weddings at Elixir on Ibiza

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Elixir Shore Club

In the month of October in Ibiza, the temperature is perfect. The sky is still blue and the Mediterranean has been warmed through by the high summer temperatures. At the beginning of October, as I photograph another wedding at Elixir Shore Club, I marvel at the landscape. Here it is perfect. The time of year for your wedding is in May or the end of September into October. Simply because the temperatures are perfect and the hoards of people have gone. Cala Codolar is quieter as I look down from the terrace from Elixir Shore Club. The island of Es Vedra is in the distance.

Booking your wedding in Ibiza can be a daunting prospect without an expensive wedding planner. However, your options are open. This is where the experience of Elixir can take all the worry from your wedding day and here is why.

Firstly, the location is spectacular. The west coast of Ibiza is the place where people tend to migrate around sunset. Elixir Shore Club is no exception to the superb sunset you get. In addition to that, you get Es Vedra in the distance as you look down the coastline of Ibiza. The club is a short distance from the beach where we often go with the couple to get some intimate photographs, away from the guests. The beach at Cala Codolar always serves us well. The shoreline and the rocks at the far end of the beach are particularly impressive for photography. Often we try and time this part of our shoot with the chef and the serving up of the food back at the club so guests and their food are not waiting for the couple.

Elixir Shore Club is a very functional building. It is built for the warm Mediterranean temperatures as most of the square footage is outside. All the terraced areas overlook the sea. With a huge dining table near where the wedding breakfast is served. Here you are in a cosy corner of Elixir and under pristine cream canvas to shade you from the direct light. Perfect for photographers. In this soft light, everyone looks good.

The ceremony is on the lower terrace which has a great view of Es Vedra and the blue Mediterranean. Here the terrace is laid out with artistic floristry and white chairs to make it look it’s best for the ceremony. To your right is the bar area and kitchens. It’s a perfect functional space where everything is close and works like clockwork.

The food is high on the list of things you need to get right at a wedding. As a photographer, for the most part, this is one of the perks. I can say through experience that the food is divine. I believe that the chef will go through the options with you when you look at booking the venue. If the chef is still the same one as the last time I photographed here then you can rest assured, you and your guests will be more than satisfied.

In addition you will also have the choice of wine and drinks to choose from. In short, the venue and all you would expect to see at a wedding including entertainment can be organised through Elixir. They have had many years organising weddings. The team there have been working with experienced suppliers for referral which leaves you to focus on you. The dress and all the other wonderful things which will make you look great on your wedding day.

The Elixir Wedding

Bride with bridesmaids Bride with wedding car wedding ceremony Bridesmaids on table wedding group photograph bride throws the bouquet bride with friends under tree bride with bridesmaids on table couple kiss with sunset woman with money wedding group photograph

When the frenetic months of July and August have passed and the kids are back at school, the island of Ibiza becomes calm once more. This could be the perfect time to have your wedding on the island, if you prefer these cooler temperatures and quieter beaches.

We were back at Elixir, last week for a group of merry well wishers from Liverpool. Small wedding of just over forty guests who had the best time on Ibiza. What makes a destination wedding so good is not only the wedding day in the superb climate which you are almost guaranteed to get, but the days which surround the special day. The lead up to the wedding and the chill down days are all very enjoyable when you’re in the sun.

Our commissions can in most cases lead to commissions before the wedding. The wedding party usually meet and get to know each other before the big day. This gives us the opportunity to introduce ourselves so people are familiar with the lens and the person behind it, on the day.

Here we have a sample of photographs from a wedding day at Elixir. If you would like to see extensive portfolios then please click through to our wedding portfolio for Ibiza here. We also have wedding portfolios from Mallorca and Menorca which show some impressive wedding days. We hope you enjoy looking through them and we hear from you regarding your wedding photography.


We are now heading back to England for the winter and some atmospheric winter weddings. If you are considering Ibiza for your wedding, please get in touch and we would be happy to go through our portfolios and discuss things further. Your photographer should not only have the ability to capture your day, but there are many other attributes you should look out for. Here is a guide to choosing the right photographer for you and the things to consider.


For a good look around Elixir online then take a look at their website here.


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