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Wedding Day Photography

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Mallorca wedding photography

Wedding Photography

A portfolio from a photography commission from a Mallorca wedding day at the boutique hotel Ca’s Xorc high in the Tramuntana mountains. The 300 edited photographs are supplied digitally on a portable drive with selected prints, printed on the finest Hahnemuhle paper, and forwarded to you by post. Of around 2500 photographs taken on the day, three hundred are delivered. The editing process, which extracts the best from the shoot, takes time to prepare. However, we endeavor to get the edit to you within four weeks of the shoot date. If you would like to see all of the photographs from the day, we will have to spend a time working on a further edit, so a fee will apply. If you then want to return to us for your wedding album, then this can easily be arranged. We use software which allows us to both amend remotely. Amendments can easily be applied before the final lay out is sent off to the manufacturers in New Zealand.

Here is an outline of what you can expect from us if you commission Britton Brothers to photograph your wedding day on the island of Mallorca.

– After your initial contact with us, we will arrange a face to face meeting. If you are living in England, then it may be possible to meet you at your home or your home town. If this cannot be arranged then we will arrange to meet you on the island of Mallorca, Menorca or Ibiza before your wedding day.

– We will arrange to see the venue before the wedding day and also where the bridal preparations will be. Preparations and timings are key to having a successful shoot. We need to know where the venues are so we can arrange to travel to all the destinations with efficiency on the day.

– The wedding day will usually consist of photographing the bridal preparations, the arrival of guests at the ceremony, the wedding ceremony, formal group photography, wedding reception, wedding breakfast, speeches and finally the evening entertainment. In addition to these key stages, we will also capture the small details which the couple may well miss on the day. We will also include any other group photographs for guests, throwing of the bouquet and photographs of the venue and wedding breakfast area without guests.

– After the shoot date then the first thing to do is back up the work on a separate drive. Once this has been done we then get to work editing the thousands of photographs from the shoot. This will leave us with three hundred of the very best photographs. After we have the edited folder we manipulate these three hundred photographs so you receive the very best from your wedding day.

– The photographs will be delivered in a box with selected prints, delivered to your home or work address. If you would like an online gallery which you can share with friends, then this can also be shared.

– We would encourage you to think about album/s after your wedding day. Also pay attention to different suppliers. We only use the very best album suppliers in New Zealand but you can use your own supplier, independently, if you choose.

– Although copyright should always be retained by the artist, you are quite welcome to use the photographs of your wedding day for prints from your local supplier, social media etc. If you would like to come back to us for any additional prints on fine art paper, we would be delighted to hear back from you.

Wedding Venues

This wedding was photographed at the boutique hotel Ca’s Xorc in the Tramuntana Mountains. You can read our post on wedding venues for Mallorca here

Ca’s Xorc Boutique Hotel

Ca’s Xorc is situated in the most incredible location. It looks north from the Tramuntana mountains towards Port de Soller. If you discover this absolute gem of a hotel and are fortunate enough to stay here, the chances are your room will have a spectacular view. If you’re planning your wedding then this MUST be on your list of hotels to visit. Terraced garden areas and an infinity pool overlooking the sea. These views will stay with you for a long time. Click on the link below to get a comprehensive description of the hotel and the professionals who work here. Simply the best, which has created some of our best photography portfolios!

If you have found this post of interest then please come back and visit our site. We have regular updates on our Balearic wedding photography. If you are thinking of having any celebration here on the islands, we would be interested in hearing from you. We are passionate about capturing every special moment through photography, for you to look back at, through every stage of your lives. Alternatively, if you have a wedding photographer in mind already but just need some advice on suppliers in the area, then we would be delighted to pass on our experience of good wedding suppliers we have met over the years.

Mallorca Wedding Photography

We have been working across the Balearic islands of Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza for many years now. We know many of the wedding venues and know how to get the very best from the places and the light. Although we have listed a check list of things you should look out for in your photographer, the style that you see on his/her website is the priority. Please read our blog post about the check list of things you need to be aware of below.

Mallorca is becoming an increasingly popular island for weddings. Searching for Mallorca wedding photographers can give you a varied choice. Here we will give you some pointers in finding the right one for you. The largest of the Balearic islands Mallorca or Majorca, offers much more diversity than it’s neighbouring islands of Ibiza and Menorca. You can find the perfect location for your wedding or celebration. As you arrive either by plane or boat you’ll notice the dramatic Tramuntana mountains which dominate the landscape to the north. So in addition to the many coastal locations you also have many spectacular venues in the mountains. Luxury hotels, remote fincas or converted farmhouses, the views will be breathtaking.

Many photographers live here on the island as it is a very attractive place to live. However, we hear often that customers bring their photographers with them from their home country. Liking their style and personality, possibly having met at a wedding fair or similar, the extra costs involved in flying someone out is well worth the piece of mind in finding the right person. The disadvantage is that Mallorca wedding photographers know the island and have worked in many of the popular wedding venues. The costs will be lower and there will be no issues with finding all the places you’ll want him or her to be.

Here at Britton Brothers we try and meet as many customers as we can over the winter months. We are based in the North of England, working mainly in fashion. We visit all our customers before our departure back to Mallorca in March. From March to November we live in Palma de Mallorca and travel across the islands from our base. If you would like to see our printed portfolios and meet face to face then this can be arranged.

Photography Style

After you have been made aware of the many photographers here on the island and the consideration to the costs of using someone on or off the island then you need to meet the person behind the lens and assess their style. You will see subtle differences in the work, the price and whether they prefer to work with packages or not.

The style is very much reportage now which means the collection of photographs will be shot in a documentary style with certain parts of the day being dedicated to more formal photographs. That should not be a main selling point of any photographer now as we all approach a commission in this way. Gone are the days of stuffy wedding photographers taking over your day. Do be concerned about the style of a photographer. Most have Instagram pages now so regular updates of their work can be seen here. Ours can be found by searching for brittonbrothers on this social media channel.

Look for Google reviews, Facebook, Twitter and really get a feel for how your photographer comes across. This is an important day and they need to be able to make you and your guests feel really at ease with the camera. To be a good wedding photographer or any social photographer, it is essential that they are good with people, across all age groups.

Photography Preparation

Once you have decided upon your photographer and you are happy with the style, location and fee then it is essential that that person does their homework before the shoot date. For any photography shoot, whether it be fashion, wedding, portraiture…architectural, the preparation is key. Knowing the times, where the sun will be, locations for formal portraits, lighting after the sun has set. Knowing these are key to a successful shoot and you should not commission anyone who is unwilling to put this extra time in. Simply turning up on the day is not the way any professional photographer should approach their work and be wary of any who do.

Photography Delivery

The fee charged by the photographer will include any post production work. Most of the work involved in the shoot will involve the post production work after the shoot date. This is by far the most time consuming part so a clear delivery date on when you receive the work is important to discuss. We work on a four week turnaround. If your wedding is photographed on August 1 then we would expect the delivery of your work to be on September 1.

We are aware however that a small selection of photographs will be needed for a thank you card to your guests. We can supply these photographs via WeTransfer or Dropbox within a couple of days after the shoot. Our photographs will initially be delivered by FTP and also boxed prints with USB are supplied later down the line when our busy season is finished. This is also the time to catch up on any requests on specific photographs you may wish us to work on. We hope the delivery of at least three hundred photographs will satisfy our customers until October, when we can get to work on album/s and additional prints.

We are pleased to be part of a growing community of Mallorca wedding photographers here in the Mediterranean. The high standard on the island gives a remarkable choice to the customer and can only drive the standards up. A search engine search will bring you a wealth of great websites, so we hope you find what you are looking for. We hope ultimately that you are interested in our work and we are available. We do work across different disciplines so please look also at our other work in the link supplied or take a look at our Instagram page.

Mallorca Wedding Photography Checklist

Fee – location – style – reviews – preparation – delivery – charisma – equipment – experience

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