Heading over to Ibiza to photograph a fourth birthday party

Ibiza Birthday Events

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Wedding photography commissions make a large proportion of our summer commissions. In the winter months we rarely take on these commissions because the weather conditions for wedding photography makes for a much more difficult day, either here in Ibiza or England. With the lack of daylight and cooler temperatures, winter weddings are captured indoors for much of the day and this gives added complications to anyone who has ever been given the task of photographing one.

In addition to the other areas of photography we undertake during the winter, we are photographing many more events these days for commissioners. Events, such as bar and restaurant openings, birthdays, Christenings and even funerals, have been captured in the past. The nature of events is that the commission is often much shorter in time than a wedding. This approach uses the best part of the day, as birthdays etcetera, are organised around the lightest part of the day.

This birthday commission, on the island of Ibiza, was organised around the hours of lunch. Working in lighter conditions for event photography, it is possible to create a beautiful record from a winter event. Events such as these are now part of an ever expanding body of work. If you would like to view our printed portfolio from either weddings and events across the Balearic Islands, then follow the link below;


Our aim is not only to capture the day from our unique reportage perspective but also to capture some truly special photographs which you would be happy to display in frames.

Our next events will take us to Menorca this week. Revisit our Blog pages over the coming weeks to see fresh content from across the Balearic Islands. Bare in mind that we not only capture weddings but any red letter day. For a description on how we approach our wedding and event photography, take a look at our keystone content on our website; https://www.brittonbrothers.com/mallorca-photography-2/


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