J W Lees brochure to launch new products to the market

J W Lees Printed Brochure

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J W LEES Brochure

The marketing team from J W Lees in Manchester contacted us to capture concepts they had for their new campaign and in-particular the photography for their new brochure. These essentially included still life shots of pints of beer, people enjoying a pint at the bar, casks of ale to promote their plum beer to the American market, and working dreymen. This has resulted in a twenty page brochure which will be distributed to their existing and potential clients here in the United Kingdom and over in the United States of America.

Portable lighting was needed to capture the brewing process. Afterwards we needed meticulous attention to detail with glass. Often the most difficult thing to photograph is highly reflective material such as steel and glass. Manipulating the reflections is key to a successful shoot. Having control over the environment is key and often these shoots are done in a photographic studio. This was not an option on this shoot and so we converted a room at the brewery.

Everything was taken over to the location. Background rolls, reflectors, lights and everything else to manipulate the smallest reflection of the pint. After many hours, a collection of photographs was produced for J W Lees. The end result was the brochure you see here.

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