Wedding venues listed on the Mediterranean island of Majorca

Majorca Wedding Venues

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Majorca Wedding Venues

If you are thinking about hosting your wedding on the island of Majorca, then this following post will be relevant and give you a head start to the diverse range of venues which are available on this beautiful island. Unlike the other main islands of Ibiza, Menorca and Formentera, Majorca is a very mountainous island. In fact, Puig Major is higher than the highest point on the British Isles, that being Ben Nevis in Scotland. The island’s Serra de Tramuntana runs along the north of the island from the west near Andratx, stretching north east toward Pollenca. During the summer months, if you can see the sea from any venue in the mountains, you’re almost guaranteed to get an incredible sunset also as the sun dips into the Mediterranean, in clear view. Here are a few wedding venues near or in the mountains, where you’ll get superb views for you and your wedding guests.

Son Marroig

Son Marroig is an old stately manor house perched on the cliffs on the northern side of the Tramuntana mountains. The building has the iconic ceremonial area with marble columns at the end of the ceremonial area where your guests will be seated. The vista is spectacular, there’s no doubt about that. You have the sea facing you to the north west and the mountains which surround you. The rocky, mountainous coastline of Mallorca stretches south west as far as the eye can see. The advantage of this venue is the location. It is perched within the most scenic part of Majorca and the building is almost as impressive as the view you look upon. The ceremonial area and the terrace where the reception is held, is beyond your imagination. If you need to find it, it is on the road to Deia from Valldemossa. You’ll see the marble columns appear on your left hand side as you make your way around the twists and turns of this white knuckle ride of a road.

In addition, the venue has a small but beautiful garden to take some more intimate portrait photographs of you and your partner. There are very few disadvantages to this venue. I think the inside spaces are used as a museum during the day to celebrate Archduke Ludwig Salvador who lived here when he moved from Austria and fell in love with the island. The inside spaces are not very appealing but you’ll not require these unless the weather takes a turn for the worse. Very unlikely in Mallorca. The other disadvantage to Son Marroig is that everything has to be brought in. The chairs, tables, catering etc. Unlike a hotel where everything is on site. Unless you’re very adept in sorting things, then the chances are you’ll need a wedding planner to orchestrate everything for you. I think of all the venues on Majorca, the photographs here are magical, purely based upon the landscape which surround you.

Hotel Ca’s Xorc

Ca’s Xorc is high in the Tramuntana range of mountains and is located several kilometres out of Soller, heading toward Deia. From the tunnel which cuts through the mountain from Palma to Soller, you can take a left turn before you reach Soller. Travel for quite a few kilometres up the mountain road and you will eventually reach the turning for Ca’s Xorc. This small cami or track then winds further up the mountainside until you eventually reach the hotel. I think this would be my favourite place to stay on the island although there are others listed below.

The hotel is boutique style so the rooms are all different in proportion and with different views. If you get one looking toward the north of the island, toward Port de Soller then you’ll be the closest thing to heaven on earth. The balconies which accompany some of the rooms are truly breathtaking. What better place to have your bridal preparations than this.

Head downstairs and out on to the terraced areas where you’ll enjoy your meal and apres ceremonial drinks. The view looks toward Port de Soller to the north. Walk toward the infinity pool area and depending on how many guests you have for your wedding, you can enjoy the marquee or the pool to say your vows with your invited entourage. The gardens are what you would probably expect from such a world class venue. Terraced on many levels, with orchards of citrus fruit trees and areas where the groundsmen grow fresh produce for the kitchens. You’ll also enjoy private areas where you’ll discover plunge pools and lawned areas to relax and sunbathe in addition to the larger lawned areas and pool.

There are few disadvantages to this venue. The only restriction is that of guest accommodation. If you are having anything other than a small wedding then guests will have to find alternative sleeping arrangements. Everything else is five star. The food is exceptional and I would strongly advise you head here for an evening meal to sample their delights irrespective of whether you book this venue.

Hotel Son Brull

Son Brull is located near Pollenca on the east of the island. It is a converted monastery on the flat lands but is overlooked by the foothills of the Tramuntana range. Unlike the listing above, Son Brull is a grande architectural build so all the communal spaces, restaurant and bedrooms are large. Some bedrooms have their own personal balconies. The one overlooking the swimming pool and spa are usually taken by the wedding couple and have served us well when we have photographed here in the past.

Unlike the previous listings above, the internal spaces are very impressive and can be used by your photographer to get the most from your portfolio of photographs. Set in one of the dining areas are the old olive presses which extracted the oil from the olives when the building was used as a monastery. The thing which makes this venue really special is the building in our opinion. Vast oak doors, courtyards, tracts of land where produce for the restaurant is grown, large spacious rooms and balconies and all the original features which have been lovingly restored by the family who now own it. When we get the time, this is the place we would love to book into for a couple of days retreat when the wedding season is finished.

Hotel Maricel

If it’s good enough for royalty then I’m sure it’s good enough for you and I. Famous for playing host to the King of Spain Juan Carlos, before his abdication in 2014, when he visited Majorca, this opulent hotel sits on the edge of the sea to the west of Palma. It’s impressive facade of Romenesque columns on tiered levels dominates the architectural landscape from the sea on this part of the island. Used on many advertisements, the building is presented to a very high standard. With polished marble floors and exquisite furniture, this is less rustic Mallorquin and more world class elite. If you’re happy to be in this kind of environment then you’ll love it, but it will cost you a fortune.

Hotel Cap Rocat

Cap Rocat Hotel is quite possibly the best hotel wedding venue on Majorca and quite probably across the Balearic Islands. We have certainly not come across anything quite as spectacular and the A listers know about it. Perched on the eastern most part of the Bay of Palma, this old fortification has been converted into the place to stay on Majorca. The impressive approach is over the dry moat which then opens up to the courtyard beyond where the wedding breakfast is usually served. Before you get to the candlelit dinner however, your guests can roam the ramparts which look over the bay toward Palma, the capital of Majorca. We have photographed weddings here many times and always manage to find new angles to capture some spectacular weddings.

The old ramparts are a warren of interesting locations to shoot. Bridges span the old moat, part of which has been turned into the hotel swimming pool. Aesthetically, it’s a dream location for any photographer. World class and on our doorstep. We are very fortunate to have this and anyone who really wishes to wow their guests, then make sure you give them a call.

Hotel Mardavall

Just a little further around the coast to Hotel Maricel is the gated hotel of Mardavall. This place is a magical gated community where you can have all the privacy in the world with your own extensive grassed gardens, swimming pools and spa. To come here with small children must be paradise. As soon as you drive through the gates you’ll feel the pressure of the humdrum from the road, disappear behind you.

Here there is a dedicated lowerfloor which is sound proofed and which opens on to the lawned area to the rear of the hotel. Everything about the architectural build has been carefully planned to make you feel welcome in this five star palacial building.

Other places which could be of interest on the island of Majorca are Castillo Son Vida, Castel Son Claret, Yacht Club in Cala d’Or and Es Moli in Deia along with La Residencia

If you would like additional information about Majorca wedding photographers to capture the day in which ever location you choose, then follow the link below to get a check list of all the things you should look for before commissioning anyone.

Puig de Maria – Sanctuari de la Mare de Deu

This will be a new venue for us to photograph for this forthcoming summer. The monastery overlooks one of the most beautiful towns on the island of Mallorca, Pollenca. We have visited this town many times before but never photographed a wedding here at the sanctuary which overlooks it. You can imagine what greets your guests on their arrival! Apart from the spectacular views, the church is the ideal place for a religious ceremony on the island of Mallorca. A beautiful and peaceful monastery full of ancient character. Ancient pathways, weathered walls and dappled light falling on old interior spaces.

Our wedding here is at the end of May 2019, so please take a look at our portfolio section in the coming months to see what it can offer you and your guests. There is basic accommodation for anyone wishing to stay here on the night before the wedding. Otherwise, transport can make a journey part way to the monastery and church. There is a walk for the remainder, ascending a steep track. Guests will need to set off in plenty of time to allow for a slow walk before they summit.

A great option for a church wedding on the island and you can see what they have to offer by clicking the link below;

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