Always insist that your wedding venue has a plan B in case of rain

Wedding Venue Plan B’s for Mallorca

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Mallorca rain swept street

Wedding – Plan B

It is not a pleasant thought to imagine that your wedding day may have the downpour which we experienced yesterday in Palma de Mallorca. However, this can and has happened in the past when we have photographed event and wedding days here. If it does rain then you can be assured that it will be heavy and sometimes prolonged. It is therefore essential that your wedding planner or the venue takes this into consideration.

We have had a very wet start to the beginning of the year. It has rained more than in previous years when we have been here during winter and spring. This photograph was taken from our office on La Rambla in Palma city centre. It was heavy and prolonged so we were thankful that we were not photographing a wedding day on this particular day.

On one day last year we remember a day like today at Eglesia Nova in Son Servera. This church is a relatively new church, hence the name. What make it unusual is that it has no roof. This is all part of the charm of the place and is a great venue for the Mallorcan climate. Unfortunately, for our customer last year, her wedding day suffered with one of those downpours. It happened just as she arrived at church. We highlight this as it does and can happen, so please make sure you have a plan B for your wedding day venues.

Wedding photographers can try their very best to get the best from your day but unfortunately they cannot magic clear blue skies. If it does rain in summer here on the island, usually within one hour, it has blown over and blue skies return. However a plan B should definitely be on your list of questions to ask your venue or wedding planner.

In addition to the question about a plan B, we have created a list of others for your Mallorca wedding planner. You can view this article by clicking on the following link here;

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