Structured photographs from a Ca's Mila wedding on the island of Ibiza

Ca’s Mila

Ibiza, Wedding

Ca’s Mila Wedding

Setting aside twenty minutes to get some photographs in addition to the reportage ones at a wedding can be time well spent. We have all the equipment needed to get the very best from this part of the day.

In addition to the equipment, looking at the environment before the day is crucial. This preparation time will ensure that the best results are captured from your wedding. Our fee includes all the preparation time. This location from the Ca’s Mila wedding was a five minute drive away in a quieter beach than the neighbouring one where the wedding was hosted.

Portable lighting was taken to get an interesting feel to some of the portrait photographs. One important questions to ask your wedding photographer is the kit he or she will be using on the day. Digital backs for SLR cameras are also extremely impressive with their performance in low light situations.

Not only is portable lighting important but also the cameras which compliment the lighting to get the very best results from today’s technology.

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