Ca's Xorc Wedding at the Boutique Hotel on the island of Mallorca

Ca’s Xorc

Mallorca, Wedding

Ca’s Xorc Hotel

A Ca’s Xorc wedding is one of those really special wedding places which I am always over-joyed go. On my next milestone birthday, this is the place where I would like to celebrate. It’s a gem of a hotel, unpretentious and effortlessly attractive to the guests who return here time and time again.

Because it only has a dozen or so rooms, you’ll always feel a sense of peace and tranquility. With few people to share this idyllic hotel and garden you’ll find your own space tucked away in the extensive terraced garden. The garden looks north to the former large fishing village of Port de Soller. The view really is spectacular because of the remoteness and the height of where the hotel is situated. Your approach is from the mountain road which heads from Soller to Deia. You leave the road and then wind your way up the mountain for ten minutes.

All this being said the atmosphere at a Ca’s Xorc wedding is something quite different. I’m unsure of the policy for weddings but I’m almost certain that you have to take the hotel in it’s entirety for a wedding celebration. The party at this wedding celebrated into the small hours of the morning. The marquee, on one of the many terraced areas, serves well the party revellers The norm transforms in this usually peaceful place.

The location really is one of the best across the Balearic islands. Couple that with great food and wine and your special guest list and you have all the important elements to make a great day for you and your guests.

Click on the link below to see the hotel in it’s entirety, including the special and unique views you will experience. This place is very special indeed.